IMB Conference 2015

Sunshine on the Rhine, excellent speakers and interesting discussions on DNA repair & genome stability in a chromatin environment. Read more and have a look at some photos…

The IMB Conference this year was the biggest we’ve ever had, with over 190 participants. As well as great talks and discussion from high-profile speakers on the topic of DNA repair & genome stability in a chromatin environment, there was also a lot of sunshine and a relaxed boat trip to the picturesque town of Oberwesel. Thanks to everyone for making this such an enjoyable meeting.

Epigenie have published a review of the conference, which can be read here. From our side, here are a few official photos of the proceedings…

Yossi Shiloh, one of the scientific organisers
Enjoying the sunshine in front of IMB
Participants on the boat trip
Birds-eye view of Oberwesel
Liebfrauenkirche, Oberwesel
The IMB auditorium was full to bursting
Poster session in the foyer
An array of food
The talks were met with interesting questions and lively discussion

2015 IMB Conference_group photo